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Let's discuss automation and objectives of a real state website.  It is critical for you to enter your current and potential buyers into an automated system, so you can focus on what makes you money: showing properties and getting listings.  What is an automated system? An automated system is a part of or is tied into your website that will “touch” your leads and clients automatically with information that is valuable to them. One of the best systems is an Automated Email Update of Property Listings, where subscribers receive daily emails informing them of new properties that match their saved search criteria.


Your objective is to have 720 people using your automated system within your first year.  The 720 number is very important. It translates to about two people a day being added to your system.  If you spend 15 minutes a day, that's all the time you would need to achieve this goal.  Here are my simple suggestions on how to achieve this.


Step One.

Make a list of anyone that you know that may be buying or selling a home within the next 24 months.  Include their name, phone number and email. 


Step Two.

Add each person on this list to the system yourself, creating an account for them and setting up a simple search for homes in an area they live in or may be interested in.  Call or e-mail each person, immediately after setting up their account, and tell them you just upgraded to new technology and you value their opinion on the functionality of the website and the Email Update Property Notice system.  Explain how they can add to their search or simply look for their next dream home without any hassle. Properties will be emailed to them directly without any other communication. Let them know that you be following up with them within two to three weeks with a simple questionnaire.  


*Keep in mind; this works because you asked for their opinion and you follow-up with the questionnaire.  The people you know love giving their opinions about something that is new for your business.


Step Three.

Create a short questionnaire about your website and the Email Update system. Ask them about the functionality and usability, if it was helpful and if they would refer others to use the system.

Here are some sample questions:

  1. What part of the Email Update System 


  Email this questionnaire to each user.  Then contact each person, thank them for their time, and ask if they could refer three people who would be interested in this simple automated system in which they could search for homes without the hassle of a Realtor calling them. Make sure you “politely dig” for the referrals.  If you do this properly, you will minimize the amount of marketing that you will need to do to generate new clients.



Start today and get a jumpstart on your first 60 by simply asking for the opinions of people that are already in your current database.  You will be amazed how this simple process can grow your business.  

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